Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Reese's Punishment

This post is purely to expound the very simple details of Reese's punishment for missing the deadline.

For a whole day, starting tomorrow (if you will be online tomorrow), anything you write on the Internet will have to be in txt tlk.

i tthnk tats aproprait dont u?

Good luck.


P.S. I will be posting properly soon, don't worry.

Friday, 11 July 2008

I have missed the deadline. Please, don't eat me; I already have a sunburn.

Shock ensues. I have just checked my calendar and have realized that I have missed my 2-week deadline. Please, don't be upset with me, Adam; I am so sorry. I forgot to tell you that I was invited to stay on holiday at the beach with a close friend and her family these passed four days. It's my fault that I didn't ask for an extension again. I'm willing to take whatever punishment you (and our readers) throw at me.

This hasn't happened before, so I'm not sure what action I should take. Should I wait for you to punish me in a public blog? Privately through e-mail or other means? Will our readers choose the punishment? Should we have a poll of the punishment possibilities on the side of the Consequent Bloggers main page from which our readers can choose my fate? Will I even be punished (YES, I should be)?

I know that you're are busy moving house, but let me know when you've read this blog. Readers, leave your opinions/punishment suggestions in the comments, just in case.

I'm sorry,
Forgive me,


P.S. Hello again, returning and new readers, including Maureen (if you're actually reading this, comment please). Forgive me for tarnishing my reputation as a positive contributing part of this wonderful Nerdfighter Project. This punishment should be quite amusing. I have no idea what Adam has planned, but I know that he has a wild imagination and a beautifully-descriptive rhetoric.