Wednesday, 10 June 2009

We shall return. We must.


This is a cry for revival. Our lovely Nerdfighter Project was sadly put on hold for months. It began to gather dust and lose its glitter beneath the wear. We both were so occupied by our own lives and activities we saw it necessary to inch slowly away from this blog and leave it to fend for itself and live in its former glory.

No more.

Why not let us start anew? Clean slates for the both of us, I suppose. New topics, new premise? We shall discuss this further at a later time, but by jingo, I'm anxious to see this space gleaming with our charm and deeply genuine sparkle, Adam, for indeed, we both strongly exude both charm, and yes, deeply genuine sparkle.

The real message is brought to you, dear readers. If you've not forgotten us completely, please forgive us when we say that we are entirely sorry for leaving this space thoughtless for months on end. Once we can resume our regular pace of writing, I assure you that Adam and I will try our best to commit ourselves wholly to this NF Project and never leave you like that again.

With great joy and love and awesome,