Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Updates and a Rather Kind Punishment

Hello, readers.

Frankly, it has been much too long.

First, updates are in order.

I have decided to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I'm already ridiculously busy as it is, but I've decided to take on the challenge. The plot is still a bit fuzzy and requires much sorting out, but I will be sure to share portions of it as I write. Moving on...

A certain event has occurred, as many of you probably already know, between the time that that the last blog was posted and now. Wait for it. Waaait for iiit...



*celebratory explosions of happy dancing and eating of peeps*

I didn't truly come to terms with the fact that I was meeting John until about two days beforehand. The whole experience had seemed so distant for so long that I had become numb to the news, but I properly spazzed when I started to gather my books together for him to sign (Yes, I created my bookstack days in advance). The entire day preceding the evening signing, I was in a trance. My focus was purely on getting through the day, playing my Powderpuff game (We won 27-0), and meeting John.

I arrived at Books & Books promptly at six o' clock, took a seat in the front row and waited. I was deep in conversation with some Nerdfighters who had driven 2 hours from Jupiter, Florida to see him when John nonchalantly waltzed into the room with his Powerbook in tow. I didn't realize it was him at first, for he was wearing the same colour green as a group of the employees. But, once I did knock myself out of the initial state of shock, I took pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. At that point, this was the only one worth keeping.


From there, he tested the internet in the back room, returned, set up his computer for the BlogTV broadcast, and began.

I did take video of most of the night, but I shall not embed them all here. I will, however, link you to the
YouTube playlist I created for the footage of the event.

Following a reading of Paper Towns and a Q&A session, we lined up to get our books signed. Naturally, I fought through the crowd and worked my way up to almost the front of the fangirl/fanboy blob that had formed at the 2 foot by 2 foot table that had been set up for John. On said table stood John's laptop in all its shiny, Apple glory. I took it upon myself to start speaking to the lovely people in the main room on BlogTV and made some shoutouts (UnityOfEffect, ChristianTheHeretic, and of course, you, Adam). My dear friend, Victoria, then joined me in entertaining our virtual guests. One highlight of the whole experience was Rosi recognising me! It was a minor detail, but I was a little flattered. :] I had to say goodbye to the main room eventually and take my place, book bag in hand, in front of John.


I started out with placing only two books on the table.


Little did he know that I had four others in my bag. I didn't want to frighten him, you know? We made small talk (mostly about my taking over BlogTV for a bit, him thanking me for buying all these books, him scratching out Emily Lockhart's and Maureen's name when signing Dramarama and Let it Snow). I took this picture of us hastily before I had to leave.


On my way out, I saw the sign publicising the event to the public. I asked the store manager if I could have it, and she, rather quizzically, allowed me to take it home and cherish it forever. Well, I don't think she said it that, but that's how it sounded to me. I rode home in the car accompanied by all my spoils.


That's all that is going to be said about that, Adam. I don't want to upset you any further. Really, I don't. It's the raging fangirl in me that's blogged about the experience, I swear.

This blog is coming to an end. I believe I'm going to be having curry in a moment or so, so I shall bid you farewell, readers.



P.S. PUNISHMENT INFORMATION: Adam, I'm going to be very kind. Too kind, actually. You were moving house, and that's very stressful. I cannot possibly punish you cruelly. For your punishment, I'd like you to reply to my last blog as you would normally, but you must write another blog written entirely in haikus. It can be about whatever you please and can contain images, but everything must be written in the short, lovely, and Japanese form of poetry, the haiku. Not too bad, is it? I desperately hope it won't be of much inconvenience or result in too much suffering.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

I'm back, and I missed the deadline

Yes, I have been away for a while. I moved house (yes, it's wonderful, thank you), and for some odd reason I failed to inform anyone of this fact before the internet was cut off from our old house. The internet has only just been re-connected, and I am about to be punished in any way that Reese sees fit.

And don't hold back, Reese. Keep in mind what I did when you missed the deadline. That really was cruel.