Thursday, 26 June 2008

At nine my little doings are begun

I have just realised how close I came to breaking the time limit, and I apologise profusely. I should imagine you were getting quite worried. "Where is darling Adam’s blog post?" you must have been moaning in a pool of tears. "I do so miss his wonderful words." Well, you need no longer fear, for I am wholly and utterly here. React to this fact however you see fit (leap about with joy, smile distractedly, sigh with annoyance, stop reading in violent anger, etc.).

My life is d
ismantling around me. Boxes tower cheerlessly, figures smiling inanely from their sheer cardboard faces, whilst secretly sneering at me as they withhold my most precious and bliss-inducing items. But I must not complain, for two very good reasons:

1. This is extremely temporary, and I will be unpacking in a new room in just a few days.

2. I have already told you all about this, Reese, and I do not wish to bore you.

I have also just realised that my tea is cold. Damn and custard.

I'm glad to know that more people are reading this than just me and Reese. In my last post I asked you all to leave a comment, which turned out to be a foolish thing for me to do since the settings were such that only people with certain accounts could comment. It is now set so that anybody can leave a comment, so please feel uninhabited to do so.

On that note, Reese recently emailed John and/or Hank about this glorious project, so there is a good chance that they're reading this as well. If this is the case, please accept a special personal invitation from me to leave a comment below. It really would exhilarate both o
f us.

As a little treat
today I'm including in this post a picture of me dressed as Captain Hook on the occasion of my seventh birthday:

Unfortunately I couldn't find a full-length one of me (those ones are the best, really, since I had an excellent coat which went with the outfit), but that one will suffice. As another bonus, and to make up for the lack of a full outfit, here’s another one of me when I was a lot younger:

Yes, I know. I was adorable (I still am, of course).


What do/would you do when something or someone you've been earnestly supporting loses or fails at what they or he/she/it are/is trying to achieve? What do/would you do when they or he/she/it do/does achieve their or his/hers/its goal(s)? Be specific, if possible.

Well, that's an interesting question, because it has an interesting answer.

It really depends upon how I learn about the news. If I'm watching
an awards ceremony and someone whom I greatly admire and adore fails to attain a particular award, I usually go bananas. My throat is normally sore five minutes later because of my shouting. This is, of course, due to the tension which builds up during a ceremony like this. If, however, I hear about it on the radio, in a newspaper, by word of mouth, or on the internet, I am much calmer. I'm dying inside, you understand, but I am calm about it. Slight shouting, but overall very composed. General grumpiness will often ensue.

If someone whom I greatly admire and adore succeeds at
something, it is the same case, but for different reasons. I will shout at the television, but in joy. I will calmly accept the news, but I will smile. I will then proceed to skip about in a bubble of euphoria.

It's now time for . . .

Well, today on Interesting Picture Time, we have this little treat for

Yes, your eyes are fine. That is indeed sheep made from old telephones. What is the artist trying to say here, do you think?

Apart from Emma Thompson, who is your favourite actor/actress, and why?

Yes, I know; simple, basic, shallow question. But it's what I want to ask, so there.

My favourite actor – or, more specifically, the actor I hold in the highest regard – is a man named Jeremy Brett. He was quite simply magnificent, and there will never again exist an actor with his level of skill and charisma (though many can come close).

Jeremy Brett's Wikipedia page

There's nothing much more to say than that. I'm sure you'll find much more to say about your chosen actor/actress than I have done.

Reese, I am awed by your Perfect Day, and only wish that I was with you in your hypothetical world.

Well, what a melancholy occasion this is. Time, like a thief in the night, has smashed our near-side window, and stolen thence the stereo from our dashboard therein. Wiping a sad, soft, salt tear from my crimsoning cheek, I bid you, dear reading several, a disastrously gentle and gently horrified farewell, in anticipation of our future encounter on the highway of time. (Oh shut up, Adam. Where do you get off on that sort of language? Hmm? "The highway of time"? Really? Jes
us . . .)

always, Adam.

P.S. Congratulations go to Patti Lupwn for winning the Tony Award.
P.P.S. The title of this blog is from an E. B. White poem, by the way.
P.P.P.S. Take the pumpkin!

Friday, 13 June 2008

Before I die of either excitement or grief...

Salve! Scisne Latine? I sure don't.

I do hope we've gained more readers over the course of this blog correspondence. I've been finding it very informative and quite enjoyable and hope that you, dear reader, think likewise. I still cannot fully grasp what it is we're doing here and how in the world we came to be. We seem to go through life believing that things will never just fall into our laps, that all things, good or bad, must be fought for and attained for ourselves. Yes, it is wonderful to have something amazing result from persistent and difficult dedication, but do we not all dream to have it simply and willingly given to us without having to be indebted in one way or another?
This, my friend, is what we have right here.

I met Adam on the Nerdfighter Ning's new member's page by chance (links to our pages in the right sidebar--I've always wanted to say that). I must admit that, when I find myself with no good films or videos to watch or books to read, I go onto other Nerdfighters' profiles and listen to music, look at pictures, read the "About Me" sections, etc... This day, however, I had decided to say, "Hello!" and "Welcome!" to any new members that I found. I picked at random and found Adam. We soon began leaving each other extremely lengthy (and absolutely fantastic) comments and becoming great friends. Ultimately, we decided to channel our loves for writing too much and talking about anything and everything into one string of corresponding blogs, one consequent to the other and so forth. Thus, the project of Consequent Bloggers began.

It is magnificent, Adam, doing this with you. This is not work. It is not difficult.
Consequent Bloggers: The Nerdfighter Project is wondrous.

I'm not exactly sure why I had to write that this morning, but I did. I hope you don't mind. ♥

Change in topic...NOW.

Comments would be too wonderful. I'd love to read what other people think of this blog, especially John and Hank. Adam, do you think we need more exposure? Could this blog be on the list of Nerdfighter Projects on the Nerdfighter Ning's main page? Is that only reserved for VLogs? Do you have any idea on how we can do this? Leave us what you think about this in the comments, reader(s), please. :]

Adam, you deserve the most stupendous birthdays in the world. I do desire that this past one was and more. I've always believed that age is all in the mind. Physical age is nearly irrelevant. I've always felt older than what I actually am. I don't think that meditating on your physical age makes you appreciate your youth more, but it does make you come to terms with the fact that you've reached that point where you realize that you have all the potential you could ever possibly want and all the time in the world to use it. How resplendent!
That cake sounded too delicious. We need smell-o-vision and/or taste-o-vision. Now.
Lanhydrock House is too gorgeous. I should have taken a train to visit the house when I could. :/

I love that sort of weather. I guess it's because I don't get a lot of it where I live. When people go inside when it rains, I bask in the glory of the small, gleaming droplets of water lazily dripping from the clouds. I'd love to see little you in a Captain Hook costume with an eye-liner moustache.
I'm terribly happy that you would go to the Wizarding World. We should go together. :]

Moving on to the stalk of this head of broccoli...


What would be your idea of a perfect day?

My perfect day consits of many simple things that, probably, only I will love.

I'd wake up, alone, early in the morning, only to find that right outside my window is the most glorious environment: comfortably cold, soft winds, and only the slightest slivers of sunlight peeking through the great thickness of clouds, gently illuminating every inch of the rolling, hilly landscape that is complete with cows, horses, deer, wild rabbits, and, of course, sheep. I'd get dressed in my favourite clothing and head upstairs to discover my breakfast comrade lounging in the parlour in one of the armchairs near the mid-morning spread of fresh fruit, pastries, and good coffee and the Steinway baby grand (which I have in my own house, by the way). He is Stephen Sondheim. We'd spend the next couple of hours eating, drinking, laughing, singing, playing the piano, sharing stories, telling secrets, giving and taking advice, creating lasting memories. This would last for hours. During the next part of my day, I'd paint, on a very large canvas, something absolutely brilliant that Steve and I had discussed previously in the day with great poise and knowledge. Following that experience, with dry paint still left on my hands, I'd write outside, on a simple wooden table in a comfortable chair. The chair and table would be waiting for me in the center of an almost ethereal, windless, pleasantly-cold moor. I don't think that I would write a novel, though. I'd write anything that pops into my head, all of it excellent and thoughtful. To finish my day, I'd apparate effortlessly from my home into a private box of my favourite theatre in the city. There, I'd see all my favourite shows, one after the other. No one would get tired, and we would all be enjoying every minute of it. After the last performance, I'd teleport home and take a walk outside, ultimately laying out in the field of grass, breathing in the scent of the coming morning dew. There, I would stare at the heavens, looking at the stars, close my eyes, and sleep the heaviest, most-satisfying sleep not even a human is capable of.


Here is a question asked and answered in honor of the Tonys:

What do/would you do when something or someone you've been earnestly supporting loses or fails at what they or he/she/it are/is trying to acheive? What do/would you do when they or he/she/it do/does acheive their or his/hers/its goal(s)? Be specific, if possible.

Sorry for all the forward slashes. :]

Anyone who has ever seen my Ning profile or spoken to me for over five minutes knows of my deep admiration and love for an incredibly talented woman named Patti LuPone. She is one of just three women who have influenced me greatly artistically over the past eight or nine years(the other two being J.K. Rowling and Emma Thompson). LuPone is also nominated this year in one of the many categories for Antoinette Perry Awards for Excellence in Theatre which are being presented this Sunday during a live telecast starting at 8pm Eastern Standard Time. I can proudly say that I am supporting her 100%. There is one thought, though, that came to me recently in a moment of weakness.

"What if she doesn't win?"

My initial thought is the following:

"I'd die."

More realistically, I'd shut myself in my room, in complete darkness, wrap myself in my comforter with only my face peeking through, sit directly in front of the television, pop in the DVD and watch Sweeney Todd Live in Concert on a loop until I feel well enough to come out of my hovel. In the week after it occurs, my demeanor would probably change for the worse. I would be distant and quiet and use very few words (which is very off-colour for me). Maybe, just maybe, a bit after that, I'd begin speaking normally again and continue in my usual routine.

If (WHEN) she wins, I'd tell everyone I know even if they don't know her. Then, I'd send her an e-mail congratualting her. Following that, I'd listen to everything she's ever recorded in celebration. I may even hold a party with my Patti-loving friends.

I wanted to write this before I knew if she won or not. If she loses, and I had planned to write this blog on Monday instead of today, this blog would be extremely short and entirely uncolouful. This could also go the other way. I could write WAY too much about topics that would be completely irrevelvant in the sheer exctiement of it all.

Well, I have to go unpack now (I got home yesterday), and the extension you gave me was perfect. I really hope that you're having as grand a time with this as I am.

Speak to you soon, I hope

♥, Reese

P.S. Patti LuPwns, and I love the new banner. :]